“The American”

Title“The American”
Year for Search2017
AuthorsGray, G[areth](b. 1972)
Secondary AuthorsGarrard, JF, and Frankel, Jen
Tertiary AuthorsGray, G.
Secondary TitleTrump: Utopia or Dystopia
Pagination235-38 with an editors’ note on 239
Date Published2017
PublisherDark Helix Press
Place Published[Toronto, ON, Canada]
KeywordsMale author, Northern Ireland author

Dystopia in which all non-whites are incarcerated. 

Holding Institutions


Author Note

North Ireland author (b. 1972)

Full Text

2017 Gray, G[areth] (b. 1972). “The American.” Trump: Utopia or Dystopia. Ed. JF Garrard and Jen Frankel ([Toronto, ON, Canada]: Dark Helix Press, 2017), 235-38 with an editors’ note on 239. PSt

Dystopia in which all non-whites are incarcerated. North Ireland author.