“The Trumperor and the Nightingale”

Title“The Trumperor and the Nightingale”
Year for Search2017
AuthorsHauer, Diana
Secondary AuthorsRadford, Phyllis Irene(b. 1950), and Brown, Bob
Secondary TitleAlternative Truths
Date Published2017
PublisherB Cubed Press
Place PublishedBenton City, WA
KeywordsFemale author, US author

Satire on Donald Trump (b. 1946) as U. S. President.

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Author Note

Female author

Full Text

2017 Hauer, Diana. “The Trumperor and the Nightingale.” Alternative Truths. Ed. Phyllis Irene Radford and Bob Brown (Benton City, WA: B. Cubed Press, 2017), 3-19. PSt

Satire on Donald Trump (b. 1946) as U. S. President. Female author.