“One Rainy Day in a Circus Far Away”

Title“One Rainy Day in a Circus Far Away”
Year for Search2003
AuthorsCormick, Craig
Secondary AuthorsBerry, Michael
Secondary TitleElsewhere: An Anthology of Incredible Places
Date Published2003
PublisherCanberra Speculative Fiction Guild
Place PublishedCanberra, ACT, Australia
KeywordsAustralian author, Male author

Dystopia where all the women have disappeared.

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Author Note

Australian author

Full Text

2003 Cormick, Craig. “One Rainy Day in a Circus Far Away.” Elsewhere: An Anthology of Incredible Places. Ed. Michael Berry (Canberra, ACT, Australia: Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild, 2003), 9-12. VSL

Dystopia where all the women have disappeared. Australian author.