"The Days of Solomon Gursky"

Title"The Days of Solomon Gursky"
Year for Search1998
AuthorsMcDonald, Ian [Neil](b. 1960)
Secondary TitleAsimov's Science Fiction
Volume / Edition22.6 (270)
Date PublishedJune 1998
KeywordsMale author, Northern Ireland author

Sequel to his Necroville (1994) but with eutopian possibilities.

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Author Note

Northern Ireland author (b. 1960).

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1998 McDonald, Ian [Neil] (b. 1960). “The Days of Solomon Gursky.” Asimov’s Science Fiction 22.6 (270) (June 1998): 88-128. Merril

Sequel to his Necroville (1994) but with eutopian possibilities. Northern Ireland author.