The New Race of Devils

TitleThe New Race of Devils
Year for Search1921
Authors[Beamish], [Anna O'Meara de Vic](b. 1883)
Tertiary AuthorsBernard, John [pseud.]
Date Published[1921]
PublisherAnglo-Eastern Pub. Co
Place PublishedLondon
KeywordsFemale author

Dystopia in which Germany creates supermen.


John Bernard [pseud.]

Holding Institutions

MoU-St, PSt

Author Note

Female author (b. 1883)

Full Text

[1921] [Beamish, Anna O’Meara de Vic] (b. 1883). The New Race of Devils. By John Bernard [pseud.]. London: Anglo-Eastern Pub. Co. MoU-St, PSt

Dystopia in which Germany creates supermen. Female author.