"The President's Book Tour"

Title"The President's Book Tour"
Year for Search2009
AuthorsRickert, M[ary Beth](b. 1959)
Tertiary AuthorsRickert, M.
Secondary TitleThe Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Volume / Edition117.3 & 4 (685)
Date PublishedOctober-November 2009
KeywordsFemale author, US author

Post-catastrophe dystopia with extensive mutations.

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Author Note

Female author (b. 1959).

Full Text

2009 Rickert, M[ary Beth] (b. 1959). “The President’s Book Tour.” The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 117.3& 4 (685) (October-November 2009): 259-72.

Post-catastrophe dystopia with extensive mutations. Female author.